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Happy Christmas ?
No, it’s a disaster: Santa Claus has lost his reindeers in the park !christmas metro
So, no gifts for the good little kids ? Impossible !
There’s only one solution left : to build very quickly a subway network «special Christmas». Santa Claus goes underground !
A really new and official variant for 2 to 4 players.

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Variants                                                  printing version

Running blind & wild (very good to begin, 2 to 4 players)
Installation : mix the Destinations counters, hidden letter. Then each player after the other takes one, without looking at it, and places it on a Spot of the same type, always letter hidden. Do it until the 12 Destinations are on the town.
Play : when a player digs a tunnel on a Spot with Destination counter, he takes the counter and put it, letter visible, on his tunnel. It’s forbidden to dig tunnel on a Spot without Destination counter.
Tests : if the 2 Destinations of a test touch by an angle or side, or if a Destination has not be flipped, this Test is just cancelleds, without penalties.
Other rules still the same

My little subway (for kids, 2 to 4 players)
Installation : Destination counters are not used.
Play : no Tests after the building phase. Players earn points only by stations building during building phase. In this variant, each station near the lake or the parc gives 1 point, exactly like spots.
End of the game : the game ends as soon as one of the standard conditions occurs, or when a player can’t continue to play (his 2 lines are finished /blocked). Points are not adjusted. But each player gains a bonus of 5 points for each line he finished. The better score is then the winner.

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Tips & tactics

Start soon your second line, just to book a good starting space.

Be cautious near the parc and the lake. There are many and dangerous lines-jams around...

Try that your 2 lines cross each other at any point. This multiply your possibility of connections.

Do not always think to finish your lines. It's sometimes better to "sacrify" a line if then you surely gain at the end one of Test-trip.

Do not hesitate to cross the line of another player at a point without any spot : you gain no points, ok, but the other line is now slower.

In a 3 or 4 players game, do not loose turns to be the only one on a specific Test-trip. Accept to divide the points with another player, and continue your line elsewhere.

By placing early your Destination counters, you avoid possible penalties. And you better see what you have to do. But you also give some help to other players...

By placing your Destination counters near the edges of the city, you have better chances to be involved in their Test-trip. But be aware that you'll certainly have to place yourself a station there (intermediate).

To think or not to think ?
To think ? When building your lines, only keep in mind the final Test-trips.
Not to to think  ? Build or connect always as many stations as you can, you'll surely win 1 or 2 Test-trips...
The right choice ? Mix these two tactics with opportunism !


2 players rules

By mistake (sorry),
the 2 players rules in the booklet are the 2 players advanced rules...
Play these rules to begin :

Installation : each player has only 1 company and builds 2 lines (exactly as in a 3 or 4 players' game). Each player gets 6 Destinations counters : one player gets Destinations A,B,C,D,E,F on the left of the gameboard trips summary, the other, the ones on the right.

Trip-tests : when both player’s line(s) are used in the quickest(s) trip(s), nobody gains points. When both players are faulty about cancellation of a trip, nobody looses points
Other rules still the same.