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The game in detail

Metromania is a placement and connection game which simulate the building of a subway network.
The game board show a city with housing, work, and leisures places. Their disposition is different with each new game.
The player who will connect these places with the quickest and efficient lines will earn many points... and win !

Each player is a subway building company and digs two separate subway lines across the city. The lines are traced by placing on the city grid triangular counters with a colour line along one side. The stations are built when two lines meet. It's really simple - yes, not so realistic ! - but challenging and very natural to play.

No way ! Players hardly compete in the jungle of the subway lines which grow all together. They must at the same time take a lead in the best ways, try to benefit from the other lines to place stations at the strategic spots, and guess themselves, in advance, the fixed trips which will give points. And, as the city is not infinite and the network often very dense, the risks of loss of control, deviation, or worse, blocking of a line, are permanent : tension guaranteed !

Metromania is a game of tactic and reflexion, with only a little bit of luck. But without excessive thinking or calculation : some imagination and opportunism will also make great winners …
Reversals of situation, winner only known at the last time, ingenious game mechanism, easy rules and fast games : yes, you will become a Metromaniac !

You will like...

The pleasure to trace a REAL subway network.

The fun and fear to survive in the jungle of lines.

Always new challenges in always new cities.

Triangular grid and counters, for very sharp questions of placement...

Full interaction : stations, trips, blocking, competitors play always shoulder to shoulder.

Quick turns : you don't wait !

Less than one hour for a game : what about a revenge ?

Suspens : the winner is only known at the last minute !

And the best strategy still to be found...

Let's open the box...

metromania complet

All the game

tunnels métro

For each player,
2 lines with 18 tunnels,
start, finish, and score counters

regle de jeu

The rules booklet
in english, german, french

plateau metromania

The board sides


The 6 city districts

stations métro

30 stations

destinations metro

12 Destination counters