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Composure, dexterity, tricks

S-Evolution is a card and management game fast and innovative. Cards: through the Ages of the Social Evolution, you play tricks against other players and try to gather enough resources to satisfy your population. When you do, you go up one Age of Evolution and get better playing rules. But the needs of your population increase at the same time ... Management: your Pops, members of your population, can work on Buildings or Advantages to improve your resources and playing conditions. They also determine your victory points. Alas, a too large population may limit your Evolution! So how to balance needs and progress, Population and Evolution ? Do your best ! Cards & management  -  2 to 4 players - 10 years +  -  45-60 min. Languages
Do you know the game of Jacks? Prove your skill to the Oss game! An old game of skill: Jacks is a game of skill played since antiquity. The player handles little “jacks”, originally the knucklebones of a sheep, to form different “juggleries”. Several tribes decide to fight to determine who’s the best, their Big Chief. A new challenge: each player gets a set of 8 tribe cards. These cards will  indicate which trick the player wants to attempt and at which level. 25 Trick cards show the different tricks to be attempted by the players. They are sorted by colour into 4 families: 3 families of tricks for solo play, one family of tricks for duel play. And also some collective tricks... Fun, skill, strategy -  2 to 6 players -  7 years +  -  45 min. Languages

The real subway network

The classical game of rail and connections : the only real subway network ! Stations, aeras & lines: each player represents a subway-building company, and will dig two subway lines across the city. The goal is to connect important destinations - residential areas, commercial areas, and entertainment areas - and to provide them with subway stations. Hard interaction: take advantage of other players lines - for example, stations are built wherever two lines meet, and you can win points at the end by sharing the quickest trip. Or try also to deroute or even block off your opponents at the right time, to keep them from well completing their lines... Connection, strategy -  2 to 4 players -  9 years +  -  45 min. Languages
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