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Spiel-ou-Face is a french boardgames publisher, born in 2006, based in Paris. Its first title, Metromania, appreciated by the rewiewers as by the players, was sold to more than 2000 copies in 12 countries. Even today, it is always the only boardgame to offer to the train and connection players the pleasure and the challenge to build a real subway network! After such efforts and thus a (long) repair sleep, Spiel-ou-Face makes a strong comeback this year with two new and innovative games: Oss, a surprising remix of the game of Jacks, full of fun and atmosphere, for 2 to 6 family players (in co- edition with Ariac Games and Cap Games) S-Evolution, a unique combination of a card game with classical tricks and a tough management game... with which you can build a civilization within one hour !
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